Uplifting Preservation

Uplifting Preservation is my personal project of uplifting ideas on how to improve historic preservation professional practice informed by research from experts in psychology, business, and management. As a result, I hope to start conversations about how we can grow our professional practice by improving our personal perspective. New issues of Uplifting Preservation are delivered to your inbox via TinyLetter: Subscribe Here

Issue Index

October 2022 | Can preservation professionals practice quiet quitting?

April 2022 | Grief in historic preservation

February 2022 | Flexible Work in Historic Preservation | Out of Office

December 2021 | Developing great managers to prevent burnout

September 2021 | Onboarding in the Great Resignation

July 2021 | Toxic Positivity in Historic Preservation

May 2021 | Mental health awareness in historic preservation

April 2021 | Creating work-life balance in historic preservation

February 2021 | Imposter Syndrome | Own Your Greatness

January 2021 | Self-Care in Historic Preservation

November 2020 | Using human connection and rest to combat burnout in historic preservation | Burnout

October 2020 | Check in with your feelings + do things in chunks | How to Be Fine

August 2020 | Creating purpose in our preservation gatherings | The Art of Gathering

July 2020 | Signs of a Mentally Healthy Workplace | Burnout vs Depression

June 2020 | Reshaping our thought process in our historic preservation practice | Everyday Stress Relief

May 2020 | The time-based patterns of historic preservation professionals | When

April 2020 | Letting go of expectations during a pandemic | Off the Clock

March 2020 | Preserving Places from a Distance | My Age of Anxiety

February 2020 | Becoming mindful preservationists | How We Work

January 2020 | Bringing empathy to our historic preservation practice | The Empathy Effect 

December 2019 | Preservationist resiliency in the midst of enduring failure | Brave, Not Perfect

November 2019 | On a quest for self-improvement | Daring Greatly

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