about me

TWA Raina ReganHello, I’m Raina Regan (she/her/hers)!

I’m a historic preservation professional with over 10 years of professional experience in the nonprofit and government sectors with a focus on cultural land conservation and architectural history.

I am the author and creator of Uplifting Preservation, a newsletter of uplifting ideas on how on how to cultivate mentally healthy preservation professionals and workplaces informed by research from experts in psychology, business, and management. I enjoy writing and public speaking, you can find some of my writings, interviews, and webinars compiled here.

As a true Midwesterner, I am a DC transplant by way of Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. I first lived in an 1870s house in Carnegie, PA, just down the street from the Carnegie Carnegie, the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall. My Mom always said this helped plant the seed of preservation for me. Much later, I obtained an undergraduate degree in Art History and Visual Culture from Michigan State University and a graduate degree in Historic Preservation from Ball State University. Prior to living in DC, I lived and worked in Indiana for 8 years.

A full resume is available upon request. Please e-mail me (raina.regan [at] gmail.com) for a detailed copy.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on this website, my social media, and any other platforms are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the organizations of which I am employed, volunteer, or represent in any official capacity. 

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