Color Indianapolis: Indianapolis White Castle #3

Indianapolis White Castle #3

This one is near and dear to my heart. The Indianapolis White Castle #3 is a non-descript, small brick building on the corner of Fort Wayne Avenue and Delaware Streets. Many people pass by it on a daily basis and don’t realize the historic significance of this tiny building. With a trained eye, you might notice the crenellation and could make a reasonable guess as to its heritage. This is the Indianapolis White Castle #3. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it is the oldest extant White Castle in Indianapolis, the oldest extant with historic character in the United States, and the third oldest remaining in the United States (the other two have been buggered up a bit).

White Castle Coloring Sheet

This was an easy one to add to the Color Indianapolis collection. Don’t limit yourself in coloring your White Castles… white. They can be pink, green, or purple! You can download the White Castle Coloring Sheet as a PDF here. Happy coloring!

As always, please share photos of your completed coloring sheets using the tag #colorindianapolis and share your colorful masterpieces with me on twitter @rainaregan or instagram @raiosunshine! Enjoy!


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  1. How original is this building? It looks relatively unmodified.

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