The Most Beautiful Street in New York

Among the towering banking palaces of lower Manhattan, there is a single street that I’ve declared the most beautiful street in New York: Stone Street.

Last Saturday, my friend Luc and I walked south of the Wall Street Stock Exchange along William Street to stop at the intersection of William, Beaver Street, and Hanover Square, where the Delmonico’s building stands distinctly at the corner.


Walking a little farther south on William, we headed down Mill Lane, which is essentially an alley, to a street only accessible by foot: Stone Street.

Mill Lane.jpg

We entered Stone Street to a relatively quiet scene. Since there are no cars, pedestrians were scattered about the street. I was instantly taken by the cobblestone streets, the street lighting, and the beautifully restored buildings rich in character. Our visit was around noon and the crowds were thin, but I can imagine it is a happening place at night!

Stone Street is a local historic district through the New York Landmarks Commission. The designation report describes the 1830s buildings sited on the city grid originally laid out by the Dutch. The report also calls out the fact the street is essentially an enclave surrounded by the financial district. I am glad to see this unique spot has been preserved — it is certainly an architectural and historical gem that I wish I learned about sooner!


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  1. I love this, and it’s definitely on my list of things to see next time I’m in NYC. I’ve never heard of Stone Street!!

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