Alwyn Court

While I was in New York City this past weekend, I made two trips to a recently discovered New York City architectural gem: Alwyn Court ApartmentsMy friend Luc had posted a photo of the facade a few weeks before my trip & I instantly decided I needed to see this one in person. Located on West 58th Street at Seventh Avenue, Alwyn Court is a twelve story apartment building located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. It’s only a block south of Central Park and a few blocks north of Times Square. In my ideal world, I would live in Alwyn Court, with its great location. However, a quick search discovered the going rate for a two bedroom apartment is $2.875 million. Better keep playing the lottery…

Anyway, I made an initial visit to Alwyn Court on Saturday with my friend Luc, but returned on Sunday when I was on my way to Studio 54. I noticed a plaque on Sunday that provided a little bit of history on the building:

Alwyn Court Apartments Plaque
Alwyn Court Apartments Plaque

A visit to Wikipedia uncovered the building was landmarked by the New York Landmarks Commission in 1966, which indicates the building was recognized very early for its profound architectural significance. The terra cotta is absolutely breathtaking and I’m sure requires regular maintenance and repairs.

I posted one of my Alwyn Court photos to instagram, but wanted to share a few more with you. Next time you are in New York City, you have to swing by to check this building out!


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  1. Just outstanding. I’m going to NYC in May and I hope I can find this building to experience it in person!

    • It is very easy to find — take the N, Q, or R to the 57th Street/7th Avenue stop. It’s a block north of the northeast subway stop exit. You won’t miss it! You have to see this in person.

      • I found it.

        Actually, I wasn’t even looking for it when my fiancee and I came upon it. It was a “holy COW LOOK AT THAT!!” moment. Just arresting!

        I wished for a wider angle lens on my camera to get it all in!

  2. I LOVE THIS. Also the rent is outrageous. I don’t think preservationists live in NYC. 😦

  3. This building is amazing! I can’t believe the amount of detail! Great photos.

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