Color Indianapolis: Crown Hill Cemetery

I’m starting what I hope to be a regular series featuring free coloring sheets of Indianapolis historic places! I’ve had this idea ruminating in my brain for about six months so I’ve already brainstormed a short list of places to feature, but would love to hear what historic buildings, sites, and structures in Indianapolis you’d love to color. I plan to make each sheet available as a free download.

I’ve started this new series named Color Indianapolis with the Crown Hill Cemetery Gothic gates. A little history for those interested, courtesy the National Park Service Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itinerary:

The gates to the main entrance of [Crown Hill] cemetery are on Boulevard Street. Adolph Scherrer was still supervising the construction of the Indiana Statehouse in 1885, when the cemetery board hired him to design these fine Gothic Revival limestone portals and matching gate house.

Crown Hill Cemetery Gates

Feel free to download a PDF of the sheet here.

Please share photos of your completed coloring sheets using the tag #colorindianapolis and share your colorful masterpieces with me on twitter @rainaregan or instagram @raiosunshine! Enjoy!


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  1. Eek I love it! Totally into the adult coloring book trend 🙂

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