Heart Bombs: Muncie

Since today is Valentine’s Day, I thought it was fitting to post about our recent heart bombing campaign in Muncie. Last weekend, Preserve Greater Indy, the Ball State Associated Students for Historic Preservation, and the Muncie Historic Preservation and Rehabilitation Commission joined forces to heart bomb Muncie! Last year, a small group of Indy young preservationists gathered to heart bomb two endangered sites. This year, we heart bombed four (+1) sites in Muncie that are vacant and/or endangered — needing new uses, owners, and a little love!

Kitselman Mansion photo by Ryan Hamlett
Kitselman Mansion, endangered and need of a new owner and use. [photo by Ryan Hamlett]
Powers Street photo by Ryan Hamlett
Powers Street in Muncie retains its original brick pavers. We don’t want to see this part of Muncie’s heritage paved over! [photo by Ryan Hamlett]

Rainbow Cathedral
Rainbow Cathedral. Vacant and near downtown Muncie, the site is prime for redevelopment!
Ski-Hi Drive In photo by Raina Regan
With demolition looming, a smaller group headed north of Muncie to heart bomb the Ski-Hi Drive In.

The best part about heart bombing? Preservationists around the county are all participating! Read Susie’s post about heart bombing in Seattle or check out the #IHeartSavingPlaces tag on instagram!


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  1. Gas stations are commonly repurposed up here! Check out The Spot (Shelburne Road, Burlington). Such great buildings….once the toxic materials are cleaned up….

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