5 for Friday

NaBloPoMo, Day 4.

For Friday, I thought I’d answer five random questions or prompts. Comment with your questions for next Friday!

What is your favorite architectural style?
Hands down, no question, my favorite architectural style is Art Deco. The period created an architectural style that shows progress, elegance, and refinement. The artistry of Art Deco is shown in the ornament and sculptural reliefs – they are extremely detailed in contrast to a simple, but elegant design. The ways architects, sculptors, and designers incorporated the cultural and technological changes occurring during the period into reliefs, murals, and other elements of an Art Deco design are magical to me.

I love this Art Deco relief. It almost looks like she's going to fly away up into the sky!

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From Kaitlin: What is your favorite room?
My bedroom. Since I was a high schooler, I’ve always loved the warmth and comfort of a bedroom. I was often a recluse in my bedroom in my teenage years, now that I’m an adult, things haven’t really changed that much!

What is your favorite photography app?
I used to say VSCOcam, but lately, I’ve really enjoyed Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for iPhone. Most of my recent instagram posts are edited in the Lightroom for iPhone app. I enjoy the simplicity of the app — although it does have some clunky features like removing photos — and really enjoy the in-depth editing options. If you haven’t checked it out, give it a download. Plus, it’s free! Here’s one of my recent Lightroom edits:

This stretch of Illinois Street has some pretty spectacular historic buildings. #momentwide

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What bores you?
Movies. I know that sounds strange, but I have a really hard time watching and making it through an entire movie. I much prefer TV shows. I think the finite nature of storytelling in a movie (let’s ignore sequels for this discussion) bores me. I rarely go to see a movie in the theater — although I did see Star Wars — and you won’t find many in my recently watched on Netflix. I’d much rather rewatch a TV series I’ve watched dozens of times versus watch a movie.

Are you a sports fan? Tell us about your fandom.
I really didn’t become a sports fan until I was a freshman in college at Michigan State University. When I joined the Spartan Marching Band as a freshman, I immediately started to “Bleed Green.” Since, I’ve seen in person my Spartans in the Final Four, I’ve watched them in two Big Ten Championship games in Indianapolis, and attended countless football and basketball games. I’ve lost my voice screaming for the Spartans, so I think that officially makes me a die hard fan. Go Green!

SMB Pregame! #msu #michiganstate #michigan #marchingband #smb #band #football #cfb #stadium

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Hit up the comments with any of your answers to these questions!


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  1. Love it! I love art deco, too. But craftsman or tudor revival for residential. And my favorite room is my living room, probably as a child, too. Good work, keep it up!

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