February Blog Challenge

For February, I’m taking on a daily blog challenge encouraged by Kaitlin at Preservation in Pink. While the thought of writing a blog post every day for a month sounds a bit terrifying, I think it is the perfect challenge to sharpen my writing skills. I enjoyed drafting and sharing my 15 Moments of 2015 posts, which encouraged me to continue blogging. Now, I have 29 days to write on any topic!

What to write about for 29 days? Well… I’m not sure yet. I know I’d like to write a few longer preservation-related posts, but I’m currently scouring The Daily Post’s Blog Challenge Survival Guide for prompts, tips, and tools to make it through the month. I’m most looking forward to completing the photo challenge prompts served up by The Daily Post.

I’m going to make this post short to start, but I’d love to hear your suggestions for surviving a month long blog challenge! Prompt ideas? I’ll take ’em, too!


Add yours →

  1. This is a great goal! Looking forward to seeing what topics you come up with!

  2. Woohoo! I’m psyched. While this links to Preservation in Pink, I’ll be posting on my personal blog. But I’ll work on my PiP efforts, too!

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