15 Moments: #15 Monument Circle

‘Tis the season for year-end posts, so I thought I’d highlight 15 of my notable moments from the year. This is part 15 of 15. Previous parts are here: 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

#15 Monument Circle

If there’s any moment that repeated itself over the course of 2015, it would be my continued appreciation and affection for Indianapolis’ Monument Circle. I often find myself walking around the Circle when I need some quiet time to reflect. I’ll take in the curved buildings and Indiana Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument whenever I feel like I’m in a photography funk. I enjoy people watching – you’ll see families, tourists, and professionals, all interacting on the Circle. Even on instagram, the monument has its own hashtag, #samemonumentdifferentday and it is the inspiration for our Indianapolis instameets (The #circlecityseshes).

This year, Big Car staged a placemaking event called Spark: Monument Circle. Over the course of 11 weeks, programming and temporary structures added additional activity to the space. It was great seeing my favorite public space in Indianapolis being explored in new ways.

Next time you’re on the Circle, I recommend a slow walk around the entire Monument.

#LookingUp at an #indyarchitecture favorite. #igersindy

A photo posted by Raina Regan (@raiosunshine) on

#Lookingup at the curved corner of the Lacy-Test Building.

A photo posted by Raina Regan (@raiosunshine) on

Found this #puddlegram that's not really a puddle but a #fountaingram?

A photo posted by Raina Regan (@raiosunshine) on

#LookingUp at an #indyarchitecture favorite. #igersindy

A photo posted by Raina Regan (@raiosunshine) on



I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my 15 Moments from 2015! It has been a great way to reflect and think about how much I’ve been fortunate to accomplish during 2015. Looking forward to Indiana’s bicentennial year – 2016!

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  1. I’ve been so behind, but I’m totally checking out your 15 moments! You know me—I love your photos and these ones are so wonderful. I love the Circle so much and the Monument is seriously a beauty. There is so much to see and get lost in.

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