15 Moments: #8 The Ugly

‘Tis the season for year-end posts, so I thought I’d highlight 15 of my notable moments from the year. This is part 8 of 15. Previous parts are here: 1 2 3 4 6 7

#8 The Ugly

I would be remiss to highlight 15 Moments from 2015 without getting into some of the unpleasant details. Although 2015 was full of many good moments, it also had its share of ugly ones, too. For the sake of honesty, I’ll share with you what is most likely my ugliest moment of the year: getting robbed.

You honestly don’t imagine getting robbed, until it happens to you. Then, you imagine it happening all the time. It is one of those things: you feel safe until all security has vanished. Although I am certainly getting better about this, I am definitely a changed person after the incident.

Our apartment was robbed in February. In some ways, it wasn’t completely unexpected. The neighboring apartment was robbed the week before. I was definitely alarmed after their robbery and considered taking measures to make sure it wouldn’t happen to us. However, I felt safe – they wouldn’t come back and get us, too – would they?

I was the one who discovered the theft. It had happened several hours prior to me discovering the crime, and luckily the person (or persons) had the heart to shut the office door where they broke in the window. This prevented my cat, Quincy, from escaping on what was an extremely cold day.

If I have any perspective on the incident, I am grateful that Quincy was unharmed and did not escape. It was one of the coldest days of the winter and I would have been devastated if he got out. Things can be replaced. A girl’s best friend – her kitty – can not.

Although I am unsure if the perpetrators were ever caught, my landlord did take measures to make it more difficult to access the windows in our building. I definitely learned a lot from the incident. For one thing: I am thankful for renter’s insurance and State Farm.

Now that I’ve come clean, I’d appreciate hearing your ugly moments from 2015.



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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about the robbery! I can’t imagine how that moment of discovery must have felt like. I’m glad you’re okay though and so was Quincy. As for my own ugly moment, I had a few. I think the worst must have been when one of my best friends and I broke up—terrible falling out. I can only hope he’ll do better on his own and follow his dreams as opposed to settling.

    • The moment of discovery is not one I will forget, ever. It will stay with me.

      I’m so sorry to hear about your falling out! I think it’s great that you can be understanding of the situation even though I’m sure it is a difficult time for you.

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