15 Moments: #5 I ♥ New York

‘Tis the season for year-end posts, so I thought I’d highlight 15 of my notable moments from the year. This is part 5 of 15. Previous parts are here: 1 2 3 4 

#5: I ♥ New York

This year, I was lucky enough to go to New York City — twice! Once in March, a second time in September. Since my sister Shannon moved to New York/New Jersey last year, I was eagerly awaiting the opportunity to visit. I hadn’t been back to the Big Apple since 2009 and was desperately overdue to see some Broadway musicals. Both visits only confirmed one thing for me: I  New York!!!

Both visits were jam-packed with so much to see and do. I walked 30,000 steps a day in March, saw several great musicals, explored NYC’s best museums, and enjoyed great pizza. In September, I also went on a diner tour of New Jersey diners.

My last time in New York City, I was in grad school for historic preservation. I hadn’t yet seen the overwhelming inventory of historic buildings and neighborhoods. Walking the streets of SoHo for the first time, I fell in love with the gorgeous cast iron facades. I still haven’t gotten to see everything on my architecture to-do/see list, but I’ll be back in April and hope to check a few things off my list!

Here’s a few of my favorite sites and moments from my New York trips. You can find all my New York photos tagged on instagram here.

In the shadows of newer (but historic) buildings, the Trinity Church is still a giant. #architecture

A photo posted by Raina Regan (@raiosunshine) on

We practically starved ourselves in preparation for having an early dinner here. It was deeeeeeeeeligtful.

A photo posted by Raina Regan (@raiosunshine) on

The Guggenheim. A beautiful building with wonderful programming. I had an amazing time! #RainaVisitsNYC

A photo posted by Raina Regan (@raiosunshine) on

🚖 + 🏢 in #SoHo

A photo posted by Raina Regan (@raiosunshine) on

📷: Downtown Manhattan

A photo posted by Raina Regan (@raiosunshine) on

📷: Washington Crossing the Delaware

A photo posted by Raina Regan (@raiosunshine) on

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