Circle City Squared

Over the past six months, @igersindy and Primary Colours collaborated on the instagram contest and gallery show: Circle City Squared. I was so excited to be involved in the organization, planning, and execution of this amazing creative collaboration. Looking back, I wanted to recap this successful show as a way to highlight the great ways instagram can be used to build partnerships.

In June and July, the partners announced seven hashtags that allowed the @igersindy community to enter their photography for potential inclusion in the show. These hashtags were:


Between eight weeks and seven hashtags, over 2,500 photos were entered. The next step: selecting nine photos to display for each tag. The @igersindy leaders helped narrow down each tag to 50-60 finalists, but the gallery committee at Primary Colours selected the final 9 photos. Additionally, @igersindy was asked to submit 18 photos by 18 photographers, including 9 photos featured on the promotional postcard.

With 53 photographers in 81 photographs, the show represented a true diversity of photographers. Primary Colours didn’t announce the final sections until the night the gallery show opened — creating true suspense!

Leading up to the opening night on October 2nd, 2015, the gallery show “Circle City Squared” was highlighted through a NUVO cover story. Primary Gallery, where the show was held, is located in the second floor of the Murphy Building in Fountain Square.

The excitement leading up to the show was palpable! It was great walking into the gallery on opening night to see photos I had previously only viewed on my phone, printed and hanging on the wall. The photos were hung like an instagram grid, three by three. I was fortunate to have two photos selected for the gallery show, one in @igersindy (shown above) and one in @indyart.

Would love to show you the art but it's packed in here! Yay! #instameta #circlecitysquared #instagram

A photo posted by Primary Colours (@primarycoloursindy) on

The opening night was a smash. The gallery was filled with people from 6pm until 10pm. By the end of the night, my throat was sore from talking with so many people!

As part of the gallery show, @igersindy held the #circlecitysesh30 instameet at the Primary Gallery and Fountain Square on October 17th. We explored the public art of Fountain Square to celebrate the gallery show, which was also held in Fountain Square. Here’s a few selected photos from the meet:

Overall, the collaboration between Primary Colours and @igersindy was a great success! It was great highlighting the excellent photography of @igersindy in a public forum.


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  1. I will be entering my first “Instagram” photo contest at our local art league – I’m excited!

  2. That’s awesome — good luck (although you won’t need it)!!!

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