Historic Preservation Month: Celebrating Memories

May is Preservation Month! A little background from the National Trust on Historic Preservation:

May is Preservation Month and preservation and Main Street organizations, both large and small, will take the time to celebrate history and historic places.

In honor of Preservation Month, I am making it a goal to blog every single day with some type of preservation, history, or architecture topic. Why? Conversation and education can lead to a better understanding of historic preservation. To start, preservation is a lot about memories – including the memories we make in historic buildings. I thought I’d share one of mine.


Anyone who has ever visited the World War Memorial can tell you their first time entering the Shrine Room. The complete experience can only be felt in person – there’s something completely awe-inspiring about entering the room for the first time (and pretty much every subsequent time after that). The picture above, although poor quality, is from my first visit. I just remember being in a little bit of shock, from wanting to look at every single detail, yet, not seemingly having enough time to do so. The room was endless.

For those of you who will be traveling to Indianapolis for the National Preservation Conference this fall, I highly recommend a visit to the World War Memorial. It’s free of charge and you’ll experience a place that can never adequately be described in text or photographs.

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