5 for Friday: iPhoneography Apps

MSC Smoke Stack - edited using mextures and ndpatterns in the Image Blender app.
MSC Smoke Stack – edited using mextures and ndpatterns in the Image Blender app.

Recently, I’ve explored the world of iPhoneography – the art of creating photos with your Apple iPhone. I’ve downloaded and tried a bunch of new apps and I thought I’d share five that really seem to “pack a punch” with what they have to offer. I suggest these apps to anyone who really wants to take high quality photos on the iPhone – they aren’t just limited to those looking to nit pick and edit their photos.


Pro HDR: This application is great for taking HDR photos. I find the output to be the best quality HDR photos – even better than the iPhone’s HDR feature. The only trick to this app is that you have to hold the phone still for an extended time and I have shaky hands… which can lead to fuzzy photos.


PhotoForge2: This application is a little more advanced, but it has some great features. Good for editing, even more options than your generic photo editor. I initially downloaded it for blending layers, but find it useful for resizing, checking levels, clarity.


ProCamera: If you are looking for something a little more powerful than the standard Camera app, ProCamera does a great job. I like for it’s level and focus features, particularly, since I have an unfortunate habit of taking crooked photos. Also, unlike the Camera app, there isn’t a long pause between when you press the button to take the photo and the capture. I often miss critical cat moments because of this pause.


Image Blender: If you want to dabble in image layering, using something like Mextures or ndpatterns, this seems to be the best app for getting the job done. You can easily edit the mask, blend mode, and arrange – unlike other applications that blend. This application also works on the iPad, which is great for mask editing, if you want to get into more detailed photo editing!


Starmatic: This one is a fun one – this is a similar app to Instagram – with different types of filters. I find these mix well with the Instagram filters, while some are just a nice change from the standard Instagram options.

Anyone else have any great suggestions for iPhoneography apps? I’d love to hear your favorites.

Also, if you live in the Indianapolis area, there will be another #instameet tomorrow (Saturday) starting at 10am in Military Park. If you want more information, check out the instagram floating around indy_igers feeds!

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