Artique Recap

Well, my first art fair is officially in the books! I can declare it a complete success. Booth set up went very well, no major issues, and it didn’t take me as much time as I initially thought. The end result…

The purple burlap was one of my boldest decisions for the booth decor. I also found three great vintage boxes/drawers to use for bins. The middle drawer I found on etsy, while the two metal boxes I found at Salvage Sisters, a great antique store in Franklin. I had the banner custom made by PinkCherryMama on etsy – she was a gem to work with and the end result was perfect.

The morning started with lots of visitors from friends! I’m fortunate that many of my friends are so supportive – they not only came out to support me, but many of them purchased an item or two. So, a BIG THANK YOU to all my friends who came to see me today. Also, a shout out to my Mom, who came to help me set up and sat with me today. I think she made some friends with her crocheting, as well.

Overall, I sold six(!!!!) paintings, several notecard sets (my holiday cards were a huge hit), and a few prints & postcards. Interestingly enough, the first painting I sold for the day was my only Eiffel Tower, and after that… I had many requests for an Eiffel Tower. I think that’s a sign I need to paint more Eiffel Towers!

I feel pretty good about today and hope to do further art fairs in the future. I have a few shows in mind, but I know for my sanity, I will only be able to do a couple a year. I can only paint so much. I did list a few new paintings on etsy that did not sell at Artique… you can find them here!

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