5 Things I’m Excited for #PresConf

In two days, I’ll be heading west to attend the annual National Preservation Conference. This will be my third time attending #PresConf, but its been a couple years since I’ve last attended (my two previous are Tulsa ’08 and Nashville ’09). Both previous conferences I attended, I did so as a student, and my understanding and perspective on preservation has drastically changed in that time. I am really looking forward to the conference and thought I’d share my expectations and excitement for my trip to Spokane.

5. Exploring Spokane! Anytime I go to a new city I love the opportunity to explore the sites and those places off the beaten path. My research suggests there are some eggscellent (sorry, bad pun!) breakfast joints in downtown Spokane. On my to-do list? A meal at Frank’s Diner. Who’s in?

4. Education Sessions! I’ve already peeked through the schedule and decided which education sessions sound most interesting or relevant to my work. I’m particularly excited for “Interpreting History of the Atomic Age” and “Partnerships in Action: A look at Federal Green Preservation Efforts.” Both appear to have a slate of excellent presenters.

3. Catching up with old friends and meeting some new ones, too! Unfortunately, not too many individuals from the great state of Indiana are heading northwest to Spokane. That doesn’t stop me one bit – I’m excited to network and meet some great new preservationists. I’m also particularly excited for the #PresConf Tweet Up on Wednesday night (10/31) by the fountain in the Davenport Hotel Lobby between 7 and 7:30.

Sandpoint, Idaho

2. Field Session – Destination Idaho! One of the things I am most looking forward to is my field session all day Wednesday titled “Sandpoint, Idaho: Trains, Theatre and Timber!” We’ll be heading about an hour and a half away from Spokane to Sandpoint, which is located in the northern “slice” of Idaho. Sandpoint is located on the very large Lake Pend Oreille and is surrounded by three mountain ranges. I am salivating at the gorgeous scenery that I know will be found on the drive and once we arrive in Sandpoint. Trust me — there will be MANY pictures to come! Plus, I can knock of Idaho from my list of states visited…

1. Evening Programming! I have to admit, the evening programming this year is stellar. The opening plenary and reception on Wednesday, the Pow Wow and Young Preservationists Expo on Thursday night, and of course, the awards ceremony on Friday.

Anyway, apologies in advance for all the tweets and instagram photos that are soon to be shared on my social media. But, you can follow along at home… and next year I expect to see MANY MANY more of you as it will be in my hometown of INDIANAPOLIS!

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