Spartan Statue

Here is a painting I have done a few copies of already — Spartan Statue at Michigan State University! It is one of my most requested paintings, so I figured I needed to start painting a few copies of him. This one I tried blue, pink, and lime green together and they turned out as a great combination. I really wanted to do something with brown, but that’ll be my next painting.

I tend to use either pink or blue in my paintings. My goal for the next painting: not to use either color? Will I succeed? I think so, I have a few color combinations in mind that I think would work well.

I just realized I have completed 5 paintings in the 40 days since I’ve started this project. That is approximately 1 painting every 8 days. I think this is a good pace, I will try to keep up!

I intend to do a painting of my parents barn soon, but I have to go get a larger canvas, as I only have 8x10s. I want that painting to be 16×20, so it’ll take longer!

GO GREEN! [Glad I used green in this painting!]

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